Our Scents

Our Scents

At Green Goods Shop, the scents we carry, are the backbone of our products and our philosophy.  They are pure, authentic essential oils of the highest grades and superior quality. So breathe deeply and enjoy the power of aromas and how they can enhance your mood and well-being.

Pure Lavender:

Mood: relax
Experience: calming and relaxing
Scent Profile: The scent of Pure Lavender is perhaps the most relaxing and calming aromas in the world. Its herbaceous yet floral notes have been known to soothe babies and help us fall asleep at night. This scent is perfect when comfort and stillness is your ultimate desire.

Lavender and Spearmint:

Mood: focus
Experience: relaxed & alert
Scent Profile: The calmness of the Lavender blended with the uplifting scent of Spearmint allows you to feel relaxed and alert at the same time. This melodious blend helps us find the stillness in our hectic lives.

Lemongrass and Peppermint:

Mood: focus
Experience: mental clarity
Scent Profile: This is our “Monday Morning” scent! Our stimulating blend is a great way to wake up and start your day fresh and invigorated! It helps us to focus as well as providing clarity and confidence while having a slightly natural tingling effect on the skin!

Jasmine Blossoms:

Mood: sensual
Experience: euphoric & happy
Scent Profile: A sensuous blend of jasmine, violets and freesia makes this scent so soft and appealing. A light and flirty scent that creates a mood of pleasure and a feeling of subtle sexiness.

Pure Oats:

Mood: relax
Experience: calming & soothing
Scent Profile: A pure blend of oats and milk with a dash of honey and a hint of cinnamon create a scent that is both skin soothing and mind calming. This harmonizing scent will calm the mind and bring you to a state of peace and comfort.

Ivy and Aloe:
Mood: uplift
Experience: refresh
Scent Profile: The cleanest and freshest scent in our line. A simple blend of fresh green and water aromas with a citrus top note provides a base of peacefulness and simplicity. Adored by both men and women.
Classic Man:

Mood: relax
Experience: calming & sedative
Scent Profile: This melodious blend of exotic spices, bay rum, eucalyptus and orange peel is reminiscent of the old-time barber shops. Evokes a great memory and is calming to the senses.

Manly Man:

Mood: sensual
Experience: pure aphrodisiac
Scent Profile: This exciting scent is created to stimulate his senses and arouse his inhibitions. Heavy notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and a hint of musk make this scent a favorite for men to wear and for women to adore.

Modern Man:

Mood: uplift
Experience: rejuvenate
Scent Profile: This scent is created with aromas to build self-assurance and confidence. Oakmoss, melon and neroli make this scent, and the man who wears it, coo, clean and confident.

Spearmint and Patchouli:

Mood: elevate
Experience: reviving & awakening
Scent Profile:The uplifting aroma of Spearmint blended with the earthy aroma of Patchouli makes this scent perfect to stimulate the senses and perk up the spirit all while keeping it calm and collected.